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Monday, March 8, 2010

Porterville...now the "Citrus Classic"

Trouble, happy to go to the trial and even happier to be homeward bound in the truck.
The Porterville trial never had a name. Names were voted on at this trial and it has now become the Citrus Classic. The Oxfords have rows and rows of oranges and grapefruit.
The open class included this "open" L chute after the crossdrive, then a shed, pen, single.
There was no room for error. The sheep were great and it is a 5 acre field. The weather cooperated all weekend. Yea! The hospitality is fabulous at the Oxfords, the food is wonderful, and everyone cheers for all.

The sheep...mostly St. Croix's. Why are they all lined up? Who are they looking at?

They are coming to Xena. All of the sheep and goats thought Xena was the new guardian dog. Where ever Xena went, they followed along. Xena didn't mind. :0)

Yoko finished her first 2 nursery classes. Sat. she was 3rd place, one point away from 2nd. Sunday she was 2nd place, 1 point away from 1st place. Good girl Yoko. Bad handler, Suzanne, who couldn't make that crossdrive panel if her life depended on it.

Jet lost the tie for 5th in open on Sunday. Awwwww. Zero off the chute, shed, pen and one off the single. Good dog Jet. The judge paid Jet and me a big compliment. That was nice. Though, I'd rather had the check. :0)

Kilt had a personal best on Sat. coming in 7th with a 94 out of 120 points. Good girl Kilt.
We still have a loooong way to go to make a "trial" dog. Ranch dog, YES, trial dog? Remains to be seen. I love her anyway.

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