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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Good Egg benefit trial for Mike Burk's Sport

Sport, Jet and Rocky riding in style at the Nationals
Sport and Jet having some fun playing ball at a trial

Pictured above is Sport exhausting sheep at the 2009 National Sheepdog Finals

Sport almost died in the ER last night with a twisted gut. He isn't out of the woods yet. I have suggested a Benefit fun trial and a "virtual" trial for those who would like to contribute, but can't make the real trial. It will be April 3rd at Terry Kenneys. Sport's bill is $4000 plus and he has 3 more days in the ER. The next 36 hrs. are critical. We are all praying for his recovery.

I am organizing it along with the help of my wonderful sheep dog friends who have all stepped up to the plate. It will be called the GOOD EGG trial. We will have a modified pro-novice and novice field trial and a crazy AHBA ranch trial. We will try to get sanctioning for the AHBA ranch trial. We will have some games at lunch time. There is also a PT arena for beginner dogs if you just want to come out and practice. Terry has sheep, goats, ducks and geese. There will be a barbecue at lunch time.

There will also be a "virtual" trial for those who would like to contribute to the cause, but can't make the regular trial. Pat Grannan already has people wanting to send in their "virtual" entries. He will be setting up a virtual entry site. I already have people donating prizes. So many people are donating their time and energy. Thank you so much.

If you would like to donate prizes, money, time, food for the potluck, etc. we would be so appreciative. We will need stock handlers (set-out) and a judge for AHBA.

Mike is a great friend. He and Sport are placing well in the open classes and have such a special bond. Mike helps out at many of our trials behind the scenes setting out and does a good job.
Please support our benefit GOOD EGG trial.

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