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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yo CAN do it!

I put Yoko in nursery a few months back (4 mos ago) and she wasn't ready. This morning I went to Porterville and the open handlers have to run in open ranch versus running in pro-novice. Yoko's ranch class had a maltese cross, pen, and then a shed. We really haven't been working on shedding much. She had never worked a maltese cross (but, what a perfect flanking exercise that was) We lost some points on the outrun and lift. She was a bit hesitant at the top and I had to whistle her on. I knew why she was hesitant, because we have been having discussions about quiet lifts and fetches. I thought her lift was lovely. She was easily handled into putting her sheep on line on the fetch at a very nice pace. She only lost 7 points on her drive. She made her panels. We had some difficulty at the maltese cross. But, Yo worked it out. Heck, she probably knows "get" and "keep" after that exercise. The sheep pen easily so that was a "gimme," but we got the shed on the first try with 5 seconds to spare. We have been working hard. It was exciting to see everything come together.

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