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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snowbirds in the desert

"Please let them out to come play with me."

Here is a picture of Ty letting everyone know that he knows what is in the trailer! Ty is owned by my girlfriend, Melodie Sudick. Ty has only joined us in the desert a couple of times, but due to his maturity and stock sense, he just "gets it." The desert is helping him open up his outruns. If you want to open up your dog on his outrun, take him to wide open spaces. It makes all the difference in the world.

Jet says, "I've been rode hard and put away wet"
End of the morning shot. Yoko is grinning while her father is resting his head on my purse. Jet is tired because he ran probably over a mile on an outrun. He didn't see his sheep and the wind was blowing up a storm. Jet ran over the top of the ridge for what seemed like hours instead of minutes. Mel got her car going and just as we were to start a caravan to look for him, here he comes. Scared me. All I could think of was a pack of coyotes taking him down when he was out of sight. Heck, I took the wrong dog to Zamora!

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