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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buddha Sheep

I have an App on my iphone called Buddha Buddy. Everyday someone at work wants to know what Buddha Buddy has to say. We get a lot of chuckles from it. Some are thought provoking, others are kind of silly, and some are more negative than positive.
So I thought I would create Buddha sheep. The first Buddha sheep words of wisdom (previous blog) came from a clicker site (oh my gosh...uttered by the sheepdog people). But, it is very true. Sometimes we get "stuck" in our mind about a certain way our dog is working. If we can't get past our thinking, it is difficult for the dog/handler to move on. I do it myself.
I couldn't figure out why Yoko was drifiting to the right while she was driving. Finally, I convinced myself to just concentrate on the line and to stop dwelling on her drifting to the right.
Most stuff like that has a way of working itself out in the long run. I'm not exactly ignoring it, but I'm not letting it consume me.

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