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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


What's not to love about Mike Burk's MIA?

Today Mike Burks accompanied me to the desert with Sport and his new female pup, Mia. Mia at 4 mos. is a crackerjack. She loves her sheep and had no problem keeping my 8 sheep grouped together. She has lots of style and lots of want-to!

She got to meet my dogs including "jaws"...Kilt. Now she understands who she can be buds with and whom she can't. All learning lessons in growing up. I love her. And, I love her brother, Sally Douglas' Cash. Nice pups.

But, I think the prize of the day went to Yoko. It was too damn bad that I didn't have a camera in my hand. Sport had driven the sheep up into the hills. Mike called him back. I was walking up from the stock trailer and told Mike to let Yoko fetch them. Earlier I did the same thing with her mother. I had to call Kilt back numerous times. She didn't see them and she wouldn't trust me to flank her to find them. Then...no sheep. Back to the starting gate. :0) She eventually found them, but it wasn't pretty.

Referring to Yoko, I asked Mike, "Do you think she sees them." He said, "It sure looks like it. Her head is dropped and her ears are flying horizontally." Okay then...."Come bye." The outrun was a good 500 yds with a great difficulty factor of even being able to see the sheep on the hillside. Yo took off beautifully. Just as she came in a bit towards the center line making me think she hadn't seen her sheep, MIRACULOUSLY (shades of her sire) she did this "unbelievable" kick-out around the hills and came in deep behind her sheep. As soon as she made that kick-out, I punched Mike in the arm with excitement and said, "Check that out!" She brought them right to our feet. Mike said, "ZERO/ZERO" referring to her outrun and lift. I just stood there with a huge smile (shit eating grin) on my face.

And, that my friends is sheepdog ADDICTION! Those moments are such a RUSH! Wow........

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