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Friday, January 22, 2010

Brrrrrrrr in California

You gotta admit that's a funny sign in the desert for So. California. And, another sign said "If you buy something they would give you directions to where you were going to" for only a $1.00 Wow...such a deal. Hard times. Gotta try to make a buck.
Great day to go sorting sheep. Dang, it was cold. Good thing we had lunch at Casa Ortega who makes the best cadillac margies around. Otherwise, I might have wimped out.

Kilt, the greatest "pen dog' around. She's holding sheep for Sally who is about to feed.

This is Sally at her Lucky Ewe Ranch. She is faking that great BIG smile. hahaha

I guess I know what our truck is going to smell like......Good dog "Stinky."

Getting home was a bit tricky with a stock trailer full of some new sheep. We made it just as darkness fell. The sheep got tucked away in the barn for the night and we made a roaring fire to sit by. What a fun day. Sheep dog people are a hearty bunch!

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Jenny Glen said...

Ha Ha! Welcome to my world! It's just fine as long as you have the proper clothes. I think it's funny that the stand assumes you are lost if you are in the Antelope Valley.