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Sunday, November 1, 2009

USBCHA and AHBA trials

Walk-Up Yoko coming through the fetch panels in her first nursery class

A little smelly, a little warm (high 90's), a little dusty with lots of red ants and gopher holes....other than that a fine trialing place. Eat your hearts out you Pacific Northwest competitors....hahaha

Farm flock dogged sheep. Heavy exhaust and also, to the set out. The open outrun short, but with obstacles for those who haven't been on this field before. Surely, I was probably one of the very few who have never seen this luscious piece of pasture next to the chicken ranch. :0)

To get to your sheep, you had to send on the come bye or the sheep would head back to the set-out. Did I fail to mention that the dog had to travel past the cattle pens, haystack, tractors, trailers, and large oak trees and other myriad of obstacles on their way to pick up the sheep?

Kilt required 2 look backs on the first day to find her sheep. She stopped at the cattle pen. I gave a look back whistle and waited. She traveled on another 200 feet and stopped. I gave her a 2nd look back whistle. She took it and spotted her sheep. Unfortunately, she tuned me out all the way to the post and I retired her. Day two required a stop whistle 3/4 way out and a verbal "GET OUT" which she took going way deep behind her sheep. She made the fetch panels and the first drive panels missing the cross drive panels with me trying to screw her down all the way. Kilt is all push, push, push. Her pen was nice. We had a a minute or so to make the shed.
She saw a hole for the split that I obviously didn't see and came in like lightning. It was the fastest shed I have ever seen. The judge didn't think she held it for long enough. I was too bewildered to know what was going on and then we ran out of time. Leave it to Kilt to be 10 steps ahead of me ALL of the time.

Yoko tried her first nursery runs. She is going to be a great trial dog for me with more mileage on her. She comes to the post all business with a wonderful attitude. Her outruns, lifts and fetches were all great. I think I retired her both days at the first drive panel. Not enough drive time, all go, no whoa, and maybe an unnecessary bite. Didn't matter....I am pleased at how she is coming along. I didn't want to stress her or try to take the wind out of her sails. She has a lot of growing up to do.

Yoko and Jean Singer's Tug, TASK Farms AHBA Ranch Trial winners
Oh yeah...on Friday at the AHBA Ranch trial Yoko showed up both of her parents by taking High in Trial with a 196 1/2 from the advanced class. Congrats to Jean and Tug who were a close second behind her. The course had a take pen with a bale of hay in it, a Z chute, a sort, a jump, a bridge, a shed, and a flatbed trailer. Sheep and goats were used. The goats were their usual little tricksters.

Kilt had the most difficult dilemma when she brought her sheep back into the arena. The goats had gone down to the other end of the arena and were on top of the flatbed. I couldn't leave the gate and had 5 sheep at my feet. I gave Kilt about 4 look backs and she finally decided that I really wanted her to get those nasty goats on the flatbed. She had to jump up on the flatbed not once, but twice to bite the goats off of it to rejoin them with the sheep. That Kilt...she's a thinker.
Ranch work is what she does best. It just wasn't as pretty as her daughter's run. She got 5th.

And, kudos to Wayne (hubby) who trialed Jet in the advanced class and got a score of 85. That's only the 2nd time he has worked a dog. Sneaky wife....trying to get him interested. :0)

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